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Celsus - the only Russian company reached the finals of the AWS AI Challenge from Amazon


The AWS AI Challenge is one of the world's most prestigious competitions for companies developing in the field of artificial intelligence and big databases. Hundreds of teams from around the world participated in the AWS AI Challenge. When evaluating the projects, Amazon experts took into consideration the technical complexity of the project, the effectiveness of the business model and the current success of the company, as well as the international competitiveness of the products.

In addition to the $25,000 of financial support, Celsus will also receive consulting support, invitations to participate in industry conferences, access to Amazon's community of venture capitalists and marketing support.

Celsus Artificial Intelligence was developed by the Russian company “Medical Screening Systems”. Celsus AI helps radiologists to speed up the process of analyzing digital medical images, and makes this process more accurate. The system is used in dozens of medical institutions in Moscow and Russian regions to detect signs of various pathologies on mammograms, CT-scans and fluorograms. Cels analyzed more than one million images in 2021.