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Celsus won a grant from the NBMZ and Cloud Solutions


Celsus team became one of three grant winners under the support program projects in the sphere of healthcare digitalization, prepared by the association “National base of medical knowledge” (NBMZ) and the cloud platform Cloud Solutions (MCS).

The program was also supported by the artificial intelligence laboratories for medicine of the Moscow International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo, biomedical and digital technologies of CSTI (the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) (MIPT), innovative technologies and artificial intelligence of · N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health.

Specialists from the NBMZ and MIPT laboratories, formed expert jury. They selected some of the most promising projects among the Association’s members. Grants can be used for accessing virtual compute capacity, a platform for DevOps, tools for storage and data analysis, as well as services for BigData, IoT, or to invest in the development of predictive models and artificial intelligence.

Project activities director at the NBMZ Association, Andrey Almazov, believes that this competition has helped to find the most interesting proposals for the utilization of AI in modern medicine. Such projects, in his opinion, can reduce the market entry threshold for young startups and as a whole, accelerate the development of the industry.